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   Vote in Honor of Veteran

Candidates interested in an OVU Endorsement must complete an application form and questionnaire, followed by an interview with a member of the Endorsement Committee or Executive Committee. Veterans must provide an original DD214 for review. Non-veterans must provide two letters of recommendation from veterans. Non-veteran candidates that are approved by both the endorsement committee and executive committee receive a "Highly Recommended" rating. Exceptions can be made for Ohio State Executive Office positions (Governor, Auditor of State, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Treasurer of State, as well as for candidates for President, US House of Representatives and US Senate.. Send requests for endorsement application to:
Please include your name, address, phone number, email address and position for which you are a candidate. Applications must be received by the endorsement committee six weeks prior to the primary or general election.
Vets4Energy is a group of volunteer veterans who continue to serve America as advocates for energy policies to sustain our national security. 
Representing all branches and ranks of the military, they partner with Veteran Service Organizations (VSO’s) across the country to deliver the message that Energy Security = National Security.  These Veterans, who have dedicated their lives to protect our nation, remain a strong voice to policymakers to convey the importance of energy to our national security.
Following is a link to an article about Veterans4Energy: Veterans advocate for Keystone XL approval

A group of friends, who served in different branches of our Armed Forces, got together after coming home from their latest deployment. They shared their experiences of not just what took place overseas, but for some, what they went through after returning home. For a few, it was returning to their families and jobs. For others, it was back to school. But for most, there were some sort of medical or legal needs that needed attention. Those experiences and the experience of going through various V.A. programs to integrate back to normal life led to the creation of Honoring Our Troops. The largest question before the group was what could they best do to help their fellow Vets? One of the members was a lawyer, so a “Veterans’ Legal Clinic” was formed. Another member saw first-hand the difficulties and pain his amputee friend was experiencing. So, “Healing Our Heroes” was developed to fill that need. Some Vets while deployed recalled the joy of receiving an unexpected care package from home. “America Cares” continues that tradition and reminds our deployed soldiers that our hearts are with them. Due to current market conditions, many veterans have experienced challenges in transitioning from a military to a civilian career so the “Mentorship Program” was formed to bridge that gap. Up until now, all of these programs were quietly done without press releases or a call to action to the general public. These programs were done to fill a need and out of a sense of duty and honor

Combat Veterans For Congress supports the election of fiscally conservative Combat Veterans to Congress.  We seek Combat Veterans running for Congress who believe in limited government, will rein in the out of control spending of Congress, are committed to preserving and defending the U.S. Constitution, and will support the independence and freedom of the individual as outlined in the Bill of Rights


Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial 


The Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial was founded and established in 2005 by several local Veterans who had a vision to build a beautiful tribute to all of the men and women in uniform from Ohio that have made the ultimate sacrifice defending our Country in the Global War on Terrorism since September 11, 2000.Thanks to the efforts of countless volunteers, the Village of Sunbury and many financial contributors the memorial became a reality when it was dedicated on June 30, 2007.

The Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial is recognized by Ohio House Resolution 30 as Ohio’s only recognized Memorial honoring all Ohio Military personnel killed in the War on Terrorism




Their mission is simple – to fly as many World War II veterans to their memorial in Washington DC as they can – as fast as they can, at no cost to veterans. They also need "Guardians" who will volunteer to escort the veterans.



F-35 Overview - F-35 Lightning II is the official website of the F-35 Lightning II.
The Joint Strike Fighter is the next generation fighter to support the US Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, United Kingdom and defense partners in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, and Turkey.



The men and women serving overseas in the U.S. military who risk their lives for us are often denied the basic right to vote. "Military Voting Rights USA" is a national network dedicated to ensuring that military voters have their votes cast and counted.

Encouraging all states to honor their Fallen Warriors with
a Gold Star Family license plate.








 Governor Kasich signs legislation honoring Vietnam veterans


Honor Flight is a wonderful

experience for WWII veterans


World War II veteran celebrates 90th birthday in the skies

 Ohio Calls on Congress to Address the National Debt

Veterans Missing in America Act passes US Senate


Motor Home Convoy takes veterans to WorldWar II Memorial


F-35 will protect our freedom and American jobs


Pipelines safe and efficient

Shared sacrifice needed to fix the debt


Call center to connect low income veterans/active military with legal services




Military images and information do not imply endorsement by US Department of Defense or service branch.