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ARTICLE I – Organization Name



The PAC is a voluntary unincorporated organization which shall function and be registered as a PAC with the state of OHIO Election Law Enforcement Commission. It shall be operated as a federal non-connected, multi-candidate political committee, as defined by the publication "Campaign Guide for Non-connected Committees" of the Federal Election Commission, hereafter denoted FEC. 


ARTICLE II  -- Mission and Objectives of Ohio Veterans United

Ohio Veterans United is a qualified non-partisan organization that supports a strong national defense and defends traditional American Values.  We strongly support the fundamental principal that we are One Nation under God, Indivisible, with Life, Liberty and Justice for All.


Section 1. Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate citizens on the need to maintain a strong national defense and to help elect qualified veterans and like-minded non-veterans to office. We support limited government,lower taxes, personal freedom with responsibility, elimination of government waste, responsible spending of taxpayer dollars, a free-market enterprise, and the enforcement of Law and Order.


Section 2.  Specific goals of Ohio Veterans United include:

1)     Elect qualified Veterans to public office – regardless of party.

2)     Encourage donations to endorsed candidates through constant and proactive actions that highlight our candidates.

3)     Support our endorsed candidates.

4)     Oppose public officials who have failed our troops, Veterans, and nation on matters regarding National Defense.

5)     Build an organization to fight for Veterans now and in the future.

6)     Be a strong advocate for legislation that fully supports our troops, military families, Gold Star Families and Veterans.

7)     Work to ensure that every military ballot is counted in every election.

8)     Encourage all veterans and their families to register and vote.

9)     Broaden our communications through regional television and printed materials and use new technologies and social media to reach a broader grassroots audience.


ARTICLE III – Officers And Executive Committee

Section 1. The organization shall have the following officers and executive committee members: State Chairs, 1st Vice-Chair, 2nd Vice-Chair, Chair Emeritus, Treasurer, Volunteer Chair, Communications Chair, IT Director, Recording Secretary and the Executive Director. In addition to these 9 positions there may be additional executive committee appointed which may include Congressional District Chairs and the following Committee Chairs or Co-Chairs: Volunteer, Candidate Endorsement, Issues Management and Legislative Outreach, and Coalition Liaison. No one who is not a veteran can hold any of these positions unless approved by the Executive Committee.

Section 2. The Executive Director shall be the chief executive officer of the organization and shall call and preside at all meetings of the organization. The Chair and Chair Emeritus will be the official ”public” spokespersons of the organization, and the vice chairs may act as spokespersons and official representatives of the organization when the Executive Director or Chair or Chair Emeritus are not available.


Section 3. The Chair or a Vice-Chair, upon absence of the Executive Director, may preside at any meetings of the organization and of the executive committee and assumes duties of the Executive Director at such meetings.


Section 4.  The Treasurer shall have charge of all securities and monies of the  Ohio Veterans United Political Action Committee and shall keep them in a depository approved by the Executive Committee.  The Treasurer shall keep a complete account thereof subject to the review by the Chair and of the Auditing Committee, and shall submit to the Executive Committee a written monthly statement showing receipts, disbursements and balance on hand. The Treasurer shall preserve all such statements and books of records for examination by the Auditing Committee. The Treasurer shall pay out no money except as directed by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer will also be responsible for filing all forms necessary to meet our obligations with the State of Ohio, Federal Government, and Campaign Finance Laws and Regulations.


Section 5.  The Recording Secretary shall record minutes of all regular and special meetings of the organization and be custodian of al the Organization records as well as being responsible for the preservation of all committee reports.


Section 6. The Communications Chair is responsible for strategic planning of all communications of the organization including development and maintenance the Web site of the organization, utilization of traditional media relations as well as integrating social networking to help meet the goals of the organization.


Section 8. The Executive Committee shall have power to carry into effect all of the purposes for which the Organization is formed and shall authorize and control all expenditures. No action of the Executive Committee shall be lawful and binding unless authorized by the affirmative vote of the majority of the quorum of the committee present. For a legal quorum present there must be at least five officers and/or executive committee members present.

       The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill all vacancies which may occur among its officers and committee members.


Section 9. All Officers and Executive Committee Members of Ohio Veterans United shall provide their DD214 showing Honorable Discharge prior to accepting their role of office.


ARTICLE IV.  Committees

The Chair may appoint committees at any time and the committee shall serve at the pleasure of the Chair and may be terminated at the discretion of the Chair. Committees shall include:


1)     Volunteer/Membership Committee –responsible for preserving and increasing the volunteer membership in the organization.

2)     Candidate Endorsement Committee – responsible for reviewing candidate’s profiles, candidate questionnaires, obtaining DD214 of candidate that claim to be veterans, and submitting the committee’s recommendation of endorsement to the Executive Committee.

3)     Political Action Committee – responsible for collecting and disseminating information on current issues involving veterans and active duty military and present these to the Executive Committee for action.

4)     Fundraising Committee – responsible for developing and implantation of a plan to raise funds that will be used to support the organization’s goals.

5)     Training and Education Committee – responsible for developing a training and education program to be used by Congressional District Chairs and County Chair in organizing an effective grassroots program to support the goals of the organization.

6)     Auditing Committee – shall be composed of three members, none of whom shall be a Financial Officer of the organization, appointed by the Chair and approved by the Executive Committee, shall audit the books and accounts annually. Written report of the committee will be presented to the Chair and Executive committee for approval.

ARTICLE V. -- Endorsement of Candidates For Public Office


The endorsement of any candidate for local, county, state or national office shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for consideration. Any candidate for endorsement must submit a completed candidate questionnaire, agree to support the Ohio Veterans United Mission Statement and if a veteran, must provide an official DD214 for review by the Endorsement Committee. The organization can choose to endorse candidates for primary, special or regular election. Non-veteran candidates that are approved by both the endorsement committee and executive committee receive a "Highly Recommended" rating. Exceptions can be made for Ohio State Executive Office positions (Governor, Auditor of State, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Treasurer of State, as well as for candidates for President, US House of Representatives and US Senate.


ARTICLE VI. -- Endorsement of Issues.

The endorsement of any issue of local, county, state or national nature shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for review and consideration. The organization can choose to endorse or oppose issues for primary, special or regular election.


ARTICLE VII.  Elections of Officers and Executive Committee

TBD as deemed needed by the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE VIII.  Changes and additions to the By-laws

Any changes or additions made to the by-laws of Ohio Veterans United requires a 2/3 majority of the Executive Committee membership.


ARTICLE IX.  Location

The principal office of the PAC shall be located at:  7687 Parktown Drive, West Chester, Ohio 45069


ARTICLE X.  Roberts Rules of Order

Except as herein provided, all proceedings of the Organization including chapters shall be governed by the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Revised.


State Co-Chair - Pete LuPiba

State Co-Chair - J.D. Williams 


1st Vice Chair/Endorsement Chair - Dick Stobbs

2nd Vice Chair/Communications Dir. - TBD

Treasurer - Pete Wiggers 

Recording Secretary - TBD

Chair Emeritus - Col. Tom Moe

Founding Member - Harry Prestanski

Executive Director - Lee Crognale



1st CD - Harry Prestanski

2nd  CD – Bill Rapp

3rd  CD – Jim Butler

4th  CD - Dan Cecil

6th  CD – Dick Stobbs

7th  CD -  Ed Laramee / Gen. Ed Mechenbier

8th  CD – Pete Wiggers

9th  CD – TBD

10th  CD – Mike Dovilla

11th  CD – Kevin Flynn

12th  CD – Brian Hoyt

13th CD – Norm Beznoska

14th CD – Adrian Rule

15th CD – Ryan Holdren

16th CD – Dan Meeks

17th CD – J.P. Brown

18th CD – Mike Demko



Champaign – Dan Cecil

Delaware – Aimee Anderton

Delaware – Roger Steele

Franklin – Geoff Boyd

Cuyahoga – Dianah Kwiatowski

Belmont – Floyd Simpson

Miami –Larry Lewis

Greene – Jay Tieber

Montgomery – Dick Hartman

Stark – Larry Carver

Summit – Mike Smith

Trumbull – J.D. Williams

Lorain –  George Smith

Allen – Ben Diepenbrock

Lucas – Tom Morgan

Athens – Linda Kane

Butler –  Pete Wiggers / Dennis Lee

Prebble – Charles Pennington

Hamilton – Eric Minamyer

Lawrence – Scott Evans










Military images and information do not imply endorsement by US Department of Defense

or service branch.