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Welcome to Ohio Veterans United

We are Ohio Veterans United, a qualified non-partisan political action committee that supports a strong national defense and defends traditional American Values.  We strongly support the fundamental principal that we are One Nation under God, Indivisible, with Life, Liberty and Justice for All.


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How to be an Endorsed Candidate 

Candidates interested in an OVU Endorsement must complete an application form and questionnaire, followed by an interview with a member of the Endorsement Committee or Executive Committee. Veterans must provide an original DD214 for review. Non-veterans must provide two letters of recommendation from veterans. Non-veteran candidates that are approved by both the endorsement committee and executive committee receive a "Highly Recommended" rating. (Exceptions can be made for Ohio State Executive Office positions (Governor, Auditor of State, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Treasurer of State, as well as for candidates for President, US House of Representatives and US Senate). Send requests for endorsement application to:    
Please include your name, address, phone number, email address and position for which you are a candidate. Applications must be received by the endorsement committee six weeks prior to the primary or general election.




Our mission is to educate citizens on the need to maintain a strong national defense and to help elect qualified veterans and like-minded non-veterans to office. We support limited government, lower taxes, personal freedom with responsibility, elimination of government waste, responsible spending of taxpayer dollars, a free-market enterprise, and the enforcement of Law and Order.


Specific goals of Ohio Veterans United include:


  • Elect qualified Veterans to public office – regardless of party.

  • Encourage donations to endorsed candidates through constant and  proactive actions that highlight our candidates.

  • Support our endorsed candidates.

  • Oppose public officials who have failed our troops, Veterans, and nation on matters regarding National Defense.

  • Build an organization to fight for Veterans now and in the future.

  • Be a strong advocate for legislation that fully supports our troops, military families, Gold Star Families and Veterans.

  • Work to ensure that every military absentee ballot is counted in every election.

  • Encourage all veterans and their families to register and vote.

  • Broaden our communications through regional television and printed materials and use new technologies and social media to reach a broader grassroots audience.



Military images and information do not imply endorsement by US Department of Defense or service branch.